16 January 2011

Dakota Air comes to Fargo

Another radio show, like our very own, stopped through Fargo on Jan 15. It is called Dakota Air and is hosted by Merill Piepkorn and features the wit and histories of Steve Stark. It is pretty much a take off on Prairie Home Companion without the monologue and fake commercials.  Despite that, it was really very good and top notch. Heck it was just as good. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Actually, come to think of it it more like the Big Top Chautauqua out on the shore of Lake Superior.

08 December 2010

4 More Days

It has been a hectic 2 weeks for show production but we are still on schedule to present a totally awesome show on Saturday.
What do we got this year?
The Sauerkraut Singer, an ukulele, Sonny (remember him, dude), more Rinzo, Greta Garbo, and McGervold. It's all wrapped up in about 90 minutes. Nifty.

Oh and we've got a website: http://www.hcc-fargo.com/radioshow/

Remember: Saturday December 5th, 7:00 PM, 608 Main Ave

28 October 2010

Right On Schedule

Auditions were completed last night and a tentative plan of show was created. It won't be like previous shows at least that's how it looks on paper. We will be revisiting the O. Henry story, Gift of the Magi. If you recall the story was mashed with a little of The Maltese Falcon for the 2008 2007 show entitled- A Nutcracker, My Sweet. It will certainly be revised a bit since once again we lost some precious cast members from the previous year. We'll get by. The cast this year is shaping up to be small but versatile. I am hoping to further include musical numbers and some zany sketches. I was hoping to get an accordion solo but haven't found anyone yet.

Let's rewind and remember the past few shows
2009- It's Christmas and Who Carols - husband and wife help some people they weren't expecting for Christmas
2008- It's a Wonderful Miracle on Main Street- store owner gets caught up in the commercial trappings of Christmas only to come to the end of his wits and realize his life is more important. Mash up of It's A Wonderful Life with A Miracle on 34th Street
2007- A Nutcracker, My Sweet- man gets caught up in a smuggling scheme while trying to get a gift for his wife
2006- Who Moved My Fruitcake- fruitcake salesman on the run from his past helps town celebrate Christmas even though the Yuletide festivities have been outlawed.

I am unsure of when the so called Twinkle, Twinkle Tinsel Ball show happened- was it 2005 or 2004. It is memorable because the story revolved around the explosion of the largest tinsel ball ever made and a visit from the King of Norway. It included the oft quoted line- "But the tinsel ball!" It was once of most exciting stories I ever wrote.

Is there a lost show out there? One I forgot. I think so.

2003- Christmas Treasure- people search for the so-called Magi's treasure. This sort of had an X-files bent. I count it as one the most woeful scripts I wrote.

2002- It's Christmas and Who Carols (original edition)- Shorter version of the 2009 show.

26 October 2010

2010 Radio Show

The show will be coming December 11.
Auditions are already in progress.

14 December 2009

2009 Radio Show recording is now online

For those of you who missed it this year, we got the show recorded for your listening pleasures.
You can find the MP3 here. (Right click and "Save As" to download to computer.)

And, the M3U link for playlist goodness-

24 November 2009

It's Christmas and who carols?

Not long now. About 3 weeks before the show.
We've had a week of rehearsals and things are coming together.
More musical numbers this year. A saurkraut Christmas number is in on the bill. And Mr. Clean gets dumped and yet again Rinzo demonstrates how it gets your clothes clean and smelly.
So when is this show, you ask?

Saturday December 12

7 PM

608 Main Ave

Fargo, ND

Half block west of intersection of Main and Broadway

10 November 2009

First reading of script

Had the first cast read through last night. I had to play almost half the roles because of missing people. Overall it was an uproarious success. And that's without huge pieces of characterization on the part of the actors.

So this potentially can be a great show this year, don't hesitate about going.

Save that date- the evening December 12th.